Fooling Yourself Into Fun Foods & Fitness Show

12031595_1034302283288798_7124548504776665960_oSimple ways to live a healthier life without extra money is introduced in this performance. This show was created to inspire youth, and the young at heart, to take care of their health to live longer. The show. The show uses audience participation to assist the four characters with preparing fresh, raw foods that the audience samples. The performance is concluded with a collard green relay race that teaches the preparation of collard greens in the African-American community.


Anita Woodley written, performed, and edited this presentation about Great-Grandma Visit to 2nd Graders about Food & Nutrition Education”, Grocers on Wheels provided farm fresh foods, and Center for Translational Healthy Equality Research of North Carolina Central University the after school program and pre-teaching about food and nutrition. Together we partnered to do this dynamic event with the 2nd grade students at C.C. Spaulding Elementary School in Durham, NC in 2014.

The video footage was shot by Stan Chambers Jr. Photography.

Anita Woodley’s Great-Grandma Visit to 2nd Graders about Food & Nutrition Education from Anita Woodley on Vimeo.