Keynote Speaker

Looking for a fresh way to motivate, inspire and entertain while getting your message across? Anita Woodley is the solution to superseding your usual expectations of keynote address speakers.

Anita Woodley creates a memorable “edu-taining” keynote performance by tailoring her talk to your organizations needs and utilizing improvisation while interacting with the audience. Each event is tailored to include the take-away message you’d like to resonate with attendees. Whether the group is small, several hundred or thousands they will totally immersed in the talk and transformed on a personal level forever by Anita Woodley’s burst of exuberant energy and practical wisdom. Anita Woodley travels both nationally and internationally for speaking engagements and can be booked here.

 “Mrs. Woodley possesses the rare ability to take a serious subject, interject humor and still make a dead serious point. Because of this quality I know that she will bring to your meeting a meaningful and entertaining message.”  – Ailrick D. Young, President SERC-NAHRO

(Keynote begins at 57:12)