Anita’s Breast Health Adventure

Witness the unfolding of Anita Woodley’s own personal breast health journey through these clips from her mini documentary. In 2013, Anita decided to make a video on her camera phone to encourage others to get their annual mammogram. Little did she know, this recording would not be the cheerful movie she envisioned when the results from her routine exam showed an area of concern. Anita braved her fears of discovering breast cancer at 37, the same age as her mother discovered she had the diseas, and returned to the doctor. Watch these 7 clips for encouragement when you are facing an unknown situation concerning your health.

The world premiere as at Women’s Empowerment – Raleigh on Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 6:45pm at the  – Varsity Club, PNC Arena, Raleigh, NC during the workshop session, “Fear No More about Breast Health & Screening!” and sponsored by Women’s Wellness Navigation at Duke Medicine. The workshop was co-facilitated by BCCCP Navigator, Stephanie Riley.

“Learn from my example and AWLAYS go back to see your doctor no matter what fear arises. It may be nothing! And if it is something, it’s an opportunity. Yes, you get a chance to make a stronger choice and the next move concerning your health.” – Anita Woodley