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Letters of Endorsement:

“…connected diversity and inclusion concepts in an engaging manner artfully conveying the importance of race and ethnicity… once such rare experience.”

— Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion at Duke University – Office for Institutional Equity

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“By far, Mama Juggs is in the top 1% of all programs we have ever invited to our campus. Indeed, the audience is transfixed by Mama Juggs, as she relays to you the rather vivid and emotional consequences of womanhood; the phenomenology of motherhood; the complex meaning of having breasts.”

— Ms. Knouse, Gettysburg, PA Community College

“A more positive but truthful look at a sub-culture of the African-American race that many have only seen via negative portrayals. It illustrates regardless of negative most African-American males are seen – they have many beneficial lessons to share.”

— Ms. Irvin, Indiana State University

“I know for many of them, it’s unlike anything else they’ll get to see in their life… It’s really amazing that one performance by one woman can bring about such a gamut of emotions in college students.”

— Ms. Shaw, York Community College

“It was evident that from the campus paper article and the buzz around campus that her performance made an impact on a level of awareness around breast health issues amongst the students. The Mama Juggs performance is a complete package of entrainment and education. It highlights the topic of women’s health in a new way.”

— Mrs. Torres, West Chester University