From Various Professionals Who’ve Experienced Mama Juggs Posted Their Views on the Networking Tool “Linkedin”

“Anita pours generations into her Mama Juggs performance! You forget you’re watching only 1 performer. You find yourself thinking of your body, your racial prejudices, your neighbor, and you hold your sides and wipe your eyes from laughing. I’ve seen multiple performances of this hard-working, talented woman. I’ve worked with her over the years. Anita Woodley is for real, a one-of-a-kind performer who deserves as many stage opportunities as possible. She’ll change lives for the better. Don’t miss her!” Diane N.

“Anita Woodley is a woman of great talent and deep convictions. Mama Juggs is a unique work–educational, spiritual and extremely creative.  It is astounding that one person could play all the parts so well–or that a play which such a serious message could be so entertaining.  Anita is so talented and has so much to say. I would recommend her production to anyone. You will be all the better for having seen it; and should you have the opportunity to meet Ms. Woodley, you will be blown away by her kindness.”Craig D. 

“I had the privilege of watching Anita perform Mama Juggs. Anita had the whole place laughing and crying from her performance being so real. As an audience member, she was able to capture me into her show by invoking my emotions and making me forget it was a “one-woman play”. I would love to see the play again and look forward to seeing her new play “The Men in Me.” I highly recommend Anita and her plays.” – Tracie C. 

“Anita Woodley/Mama Juggs. This is the next production you need to see. Exciting. Funny. Real. Musically enriching. Makes you think about how you want to be in this life. How you want to live it. Anita’s brochure got tacked on the Health Center’s bulletin board for our Women’s Breast Health event so patients, staff and the community could know. Oh, this is something you should go to. She is fabulous,” is what I hear from many people, who exclaim to the room. There is nobody who can do what she does. Watching Anita perform twice now, I’ve been blessed to roll with laughter and let my ears ring with sound, my mind consider the right way to be in this healthy world. I will go back for more. Thank you Anita.” – Paul A. 

“I met Anita Woodley during the Chicago Fringe Festival. She was performing her amazing one woman show, Mama Juggs. Anita is a brilliant creator. Her success as an artist is evidence of her focus, commitment and talent. She is both a relevant and powerful force in today’s performing art world. – Donnie W.

“Anita and I attended at Women in Film &Performance Arts Conference together in Austin, TX. I was able get to know the story behind ‘Mama Juggs’. Quite touching. To see all the characters come to life along with her passion was truly a treat. I’m honored to have been a witness to a woman who’s clearly a rising star.” – Marcie E. 

“Anita Woodley is a motivated, creative and very talented woman. Her one woman play Mama Juggs is one of the best live performances I have seen, and I’ve seen a lot. Her ability to draw in each individual in the audience is nothing short of amazing. No matter your age, gender, or background this story will touch you in some way. You will leave feeling a bit more human, a bit more hopeful, and a bit more grateful. How many of us have been affected by cancer, how many of us have gone through that awkward stage during our teen years, how many of us have had difficulty with being a new parent, how many of us have lost a close family member and still somehow survived and learned to smile again? This is a story that everyone can enjoy and relate to. As if that wasn’t enough Anita’s charming prankster Great Grandmother character will leave you with no choice but to be an active participate in this wonderfully scripted play.” – Amber C.

“I met Anita during a festival that celebrated women in the arts in Austin, TX. She and I were performers for this event. After getting to know each other and hitting it off (it is very easy to hit it off with Anita as she is most personable!) I got to experience a sampling of her Mama Juggs show. She blew me away with only 15 minute slices of the show. When the show came to New York City, I got a group of friends to come with me to see the show in its entirety and we were again just blown away. Anita as a performer is riveting and her material is crucial – every woman and every man should see her show.  As a colleague she is highly professional and an inspiring role model. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity. Having her on your team or working with her in a collaborative setting, or bringing her show to a theater near you will make YOU look good.”          -Mazz S.

“Anita puts her heart and soul into every performance and I’m proud to say that I was there at her first performance (and the first one to shoot pictures of her performing)!”  – Stanley C.

“Anita’s fire and compassion compel her story of love and family, body image, and disease. Like a shapeshifter, she inhabits the bodies of her younger self, her mother, and grandmother, creating a history that makes you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time.” – Debra K.

“Anita Woodley’s talented performances dazzle audiences. Her unique humor and knowledge of this important issue make her shows an entertaining feast of rainbow imagination, a memorable gift to help empower women and the world.” – Bruce L.  

“I have not worked with or for Anita. However, I was present at a conference where I witnessed an awesome one-woman play. Mamma Juggs is awesome. I cannot stop until I get her on my campus. Awesome, funny interactive, informative show!” – Elonda I.