Channeling Family & Finding SELF Show

In this new autobiographical performance called, “The Awesome Unfolding of Anita Woodley: Channeling Family and Finding SELF,” Anita shares her life-long experience with hightened intuition.

Anita is a fourth ge4 Anita Woodleyneration intutitve on both the maternal and paternal sides of her family. She’s been consciously honing her ESP since the age of two under the guidance of her 100-year old great-grandmother. Ordianed under the Santurary of the Beloved in 2009, Anita vowed to use her God-given talents to assist with healing the human condition.
Mrs. Woodley has studied and received several certificates of completion at The Center of The Living Light (TCOTLL), under the tutelage of MaryPhyllis Horn of Pittsboro, North Carolina, in the areas of Chakra Reading & Healing, Past-Life Regression Healing and Ancestral Lines & Beauties Clearing. Other workshop trainings include how to perform energy extractions, exforming negative emotions, and how to grant forgiveness.