Anita Woodley Productions, LLC


  • Sacred Heart Monastery

    “…Anita wowed Sisters with not only the dire health issues facing women of all races from the perspective of African American women, but also encompassed vivd ethnic realities and cultural differences in her engrossing performance… inspiring life-saving attention to an often-ignored health consideration.”

    — Sacred Heart Monastery
  • Gettysburg, PA Community College

    “By far, Mama Juggs is in the top 1% of all programs we have ever invited to our campus. Indeed, the audience is transfixed by Mama Juggs, as she relays to you the rather vivid and emotional consequences of womanhood; the phenomenology of motherhood; the complex meaning of having breasts.”

    — Gettysburg, PA Community College
  • Durham, NC Public Library System

    “It was a wonderful, inter-generational program with a very diverse, audience… Some members laughed so hard that they were crying, and others were crying because they were so moved by the presentation. The house was packed with almost 100 people on a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon. All the comments were very positive and many suggested we bring Ms. Woodley back for more productions.”

    — Durham, NC Public Library System